Artist’s Statement

I trained for ten years in the traditional Japanese woodblock printing style known as Ukiyo-e. The technical foundation for my artwork is rooted in that training, accompanied by techniques of contemporary western printmaking.

My artwork is known for its sculptural landscapes, combining traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e technique with contemporary innovation. I experiment with color and texture in my compositions to push the boundary between abstract and realistic. My work aims to complicate and challenge our perception of how space, time, color and sounds interact with our senses. I am continually challenging myself to push the boundary between abstraction and representation.

For me, the story behind the work is very important; there is a sense of narrative that is very private. The feelings and emotions that I convey through these abstract landscapes matter the most to me. Almost always my images are of nature, but it is the essence of the landscape that I want to express, not realistic accuracy.

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