Pricing Information

Prints are made using Japanese method woodcut. Prices are based on size, technical difficulty, and availability of each work. All prices include tax, shipping and handling.

For example,

  • A small print (~ 8×10 inches) such as “After Winter” is $350.
  • A medium print (~ 11×14 inches) such as “Kunimi-yama” is $750, or “Ensemble” is $850
  • A large print (~ 12×16 inches) such as “Accelerando” is $1600 or “PP” is $2000
  • Prints from the Weekapaug Inn series cost $1000 each. [A digital print edition of the Weekapaug series is available for $150 each. These digital prints are printed on high quality inkjet printer in an edition of 30. These prints measure 16×13 inches and are initialed rather than signed.]

These are basic ranges for prices for small, medium, and large works. Please inquire about specific works if you are interested in one of my available prints or monoprints. If you let me know the name(s) of prints you are interested in, I would be glad to forward you specific pricing information. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you have about my work. Click here to contact me.

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